Small changes have the biggest impact.

I’ve seen this in several areas of life already, so I’m making some more! My plan to lose weight kinda flopped horribly last year, partly down to several reasons, but the biggest was not having a cooker for over three months, so I had no option but to eat microwave meals. Then I got really busy so the gym kinda went out of the window… and then… I just gave up, no more excuses.

I haven’t started again because it’s January, just because it’s time! I’ve cancelled the gym membership (for now) because I wasn’t using it, and I won’t be able to make as much use of it as I would like until the middle of the year, so I’m not wasting the money, or feeling guilty for not using it! Now that I’ve finally gotten that other bookshelf up fully I have space to get my kinect set up.

I’m hoping that the combination of the changes I’m making will all come together to achieve a not insignificant dent in my ridiculously hefty frame. Don’t get me wrong, I know I won’t become a stick insect, and I’ll be honest, I have no desire to be! But I want to feel better, and if I can get to a point I decided on 2 years ago, then I will be happy with that.

So – First up: Changes to diet.

1) I know that I have issues with bleached flour especially, if not a bit of a wheat intolerance, so wheat is being kept to a minimum – unless I know it’s been produced in a country that treats it properly (germany or scandinavia) or I’ve made it. Mostly means swapping out white bread and pasta for rye bread and wholemeal pasta, which is fine by me!

2) Try and reduce carbs. Not talking Atkin’s diet style, but again get rid of bread, pasta rice, potatoes and processed crap. Swap potatoes for sweet potatoes and other veggies, brown rice instead of white (I really like brown basmati anyway)

3) Drink more WATER. I’m bad at staying hydrated anyway, so I need to drink more water to start with. Going to allow tea and coffee in this – especially as I’ve now switched down to skimmed milk from 1%. This conversely though means I need to eat more yoghurt, as a calcium deficiency is not something I want to return!

4) Eggs for breakfast (and up the protein generally) I tend to have porridge at the moment, which is much better than sugary cereal, and is doing wonders for whacking cravings (as well as being under 200 kcal) so especially when not on an early at work, taking the 5 mins to do eggs would be a good thing.

I’ve got a list of things that will come into play – but making small changes a few at a time will be better than tricking myself with LOTS of small ones all at once – that’s going to be just as hard then as something stupidly restrictive….

As you can probably tell, I’ve actually been looking at this for a while now, I just haven’t told anyone, because I don’t want to be doing this for “see told you you could” or comments like that. It devalues it. Certain people I would very much appreciate the encouragement from, but to be honest, the rest of them can just Fuck OFF. Harsh, but I know who my real friends are, and to be honest, they probably know too… xD

Changes to lifestyle:

1. Use my kinect! It’s the reason I bought it afterall! And now that I have the lounge sorted, I have the space to use it, as well as the space to have it set up.  This is infact what I’ll be doing this evening – setting it back up. Then, I’ll have stuff I can do with that, which also means no excuses because of crap weather!

2. Walk more!  I do a LOT of walking anyway, but this is just adding those extras – like walking an extra ten minutes to a bus stop further away and the same back,  and walking to Dronfield to the big Sainsburys rather than get the bus down to Archer Rd..   Only a small one, but it’s the small habit change that will make this all work.

3. Bodyweight  Exercises. Especially now I’m not going to the gym at all, getting a routine up and running, may in fact lead to me one day running again!)

4. New hobby. I’m not going to share what this is just yet, as I need to get finances straight, but I have a cunning plan that no-one will expect of me, which will not only give me a new skill, but burn the fat too.  As serendipity would have it, at the moment, it fits well with my tutoring schedule, so it’s a no brainer. Swimming is my backup plan though.


That’s it for now… I’ll probably post more as I go along – and might well cross post onto my blog I set up for this a while ago… dependent on how much I do.

I would really appreciate your input though guys. Whether it’s what you think about what I’ve put, whether you think it’s achievable – what else you’d suggest, or add to the list of things to incorporate as time goes on, or whatever really!!

Thanks! 🙂




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