It’s Friday… [insert suitable lyric here]

It’s been a very up and down week, all in. From the low of Tuesday through to Wednesday and being forced to leave work at lunchtime to go home to bed, and everything that entailed, spilling into Thursday where I battled through it, had a really bad day with my insides, but generally felt a little more human, if still in a lot of pain, but with welcome distraction in the evening, through to today, where my insides are generally feeling better – I no longer feel like throwing up if I move too quick, or get jerked around too much, and I don’t look like I have a wind baby- the pain is manageable, and the swelling has gone down mostly, and I’m quite looking forwards to finishing work, and going to the pub for an hour or so before getting on a train and disappearing for the weekend.

It’s been a while since I’ve done that… and an even longer time since I’ve done it and told virtually no-one I’m doing it. Only the people I’m going to see and three of my best friends know. Not that I’ve particularly meant to hide it, just that I don’t feel like publicizing it much.  If nothing else, it’ll be nice to mix things up a bit. For all the ways I don’t necessarily deal with change particularly well, I don’t like things to get too much into the same, which working the hours I work is kinda unavoidable. Which is one of the reasons I’m so grateful for the time I spend with one of my friends. We do it on a regular basis, but do something different each time. It’s a good break to things.


I have decided a couple of things the last couple of days.


One, I need to drink more water. The weather has gotten warmer, I’ve ended up with cramp a few times, and have generally been pretty dehydrated.

Two, I need to look at my sleep. Not the lack or disturbed-ness of it, because that’s kind of self-explanatory, but the other bits. Like this morning, I woke up with bruises again. Not ones I could have caused inadvertently though, as it would have involved removing both arms and pressing down on my chest. Fortunately I don’t tend to show my cleavage much! I don’t remember anything in particular happening in my sleep last night. Only that it wasn’t as much as I would have liked it to be.


The next post I make will probably be one about sleep and stuff around then… word of advice it won’t necessarily be the most normal post.. which might well be made in transit on my way down south this evening…


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