All of the weird.

So yeah… 

I’ve been mega busy which is no real excuse, but it’s been a weird week and a bit, even in my world. 

I will document it all at some point, properly, but I’ve got drawings and scribbles saving the place for me. 

One thing that I have decided though is that I need to get more organised. Especially as I’m about to hit the busiest part of my year. Not only is work busy enough for me to be doing overtime on a bank holiday (at double pay) but it’s exam period. So not only do I have my regular sessions, but Saturday morning workshops as well. It’s good for me, money wise – and will mean I hit one of my bucket list targets for this year, but it’s good for them too – as they’ll be as prepped as possible, but it does mean I’m likely to go quiet. I’m very aware that I’m going to need time not only for myself, but to actually have with my friends as well. I can’t simply shut myself away for the next eight weeks, and I also can’t do everything I’d normally do. Not without burning out. 

So the answer is get a strategy in place to actually take care of myself. One thing I’ve already done is cut down massively on gluten, and especially wheat. It’s something I’ve been planning to do, but I am actually getting on with it! I also need to get on with swimming, which will be early morning sessions. I will hate it, but it’s good. And then I need to find time to slow down and calm down as well as concentrate on all the things I want to do as well! Not going to be easy, but I have a plan. Sticking to it will be hard! And making the most of buses and travel time as well. This weekend though is one to be spent with friends, and whilst there’s plenty planned for it, It’s going to be a good one to have some decent downtime in. 

Had quite a few big thoughts through the last few days, especially around the nature of pain – physical and otherwise. Partly stemming from conversations had over the last week, partly through re-reading some stuff I’d written a while ago, and some other bits as well. Not sure I can cohesively explain my thoughts as yet, but it might be something of use, so I will at least try and get that down into a readable form soon. 


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