Bit of a catch up…

well, I haven’t posted in a little while… mostly as I’ve been busy!

The last while has seen me undertaking crazy-ass length weeks whilst exam period approached for my students, and I have had other things going on too.

However I have managed to fit in some other things too… and also had a few interesting bits…

I’m just going to recap on the interesting things I think… as I need to document them for reference, and I don’t really have the time or inclination to really go through a big recap.

So first thing is that I got a new set of Tarot cards- I found them on offer on Amazon and went for them. So far it’s been fun learning how to use them, as well as how the deck wants to be used. I’m getting better at record keeping as well, so that’s another bonus.

Second thing is that I found a staff. We went on a tree walk – with the intention of looking to communicate with trees. Unfortunately, external influences meant that that wasn’t something I felt able to pursue on that day, but it *was* good to go out into nature and spend a bit of time out of the city. I went and found a nice place to sit in some OLD woodland, and after a while I turned around and found some sawn beech, the top piece of which was the perfect size. I could swear that it wasn’t there previously! This has now been stripped back to a layer that wanted to be revealed and is drying out a bit while I look towards what and how to use it in the future.

The third thing happened on Sunday, at the drumming circle I’m a part of. We’d started to undertake some slightly less simple things, and one exercise was trying to beat an alpha wave rhythm, and then seeing where it went from there. The first attempt was someone else going off to somewhere they needed to be, The second attempt, after a while, I found myself drumming a new rhythm. What it was I couldn’t really tell you now, but it fit at the time, and it felt like someone was tickling my neck… I started moving my head a bit to try and dissipate the itch, but to no avail, as it spread down my arm, and suddenly realised that my arm holding the drum and shoulder were rather furry. The itching was hair sprouting and as my arm moved with the beat, I could feel the fur moving, and the breeze running through it. I wouldn’t say that I was terrified, but certainly didn’t expect it, and there’s a bit of fear there. As to what the fur was I don’t know, as I didn’t see – I could only feel, but when we stopped, I got COLD. And by cold I mean arms (both of them) going blue. I had to go and warm them up with the heater in the bathroom. 
So yeah… I guess more change on the way, and where I go from here…. not sure, but I guess it’s time for the next steps… whatever they may be…