I haven’t abandoned this page… simply posting elsewhere for a while…. and compartmentalising things…. I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing regularly, reviewing, and sharing opinions, though that takes some forwards planning and I’m not quite there yet….so sporadic things appear on the relevant spaces. I’ve also rebooted stormvixen mkII – which I’ve been posting on about diet, exercise, and generally working on my overall health.

This…. I plan to use still, but for all the other stuff that doesn’t quite fit – my thoughts and perspectives on stuff I see, read and hear I guess… as and when I’m prompted to.

It’s taken a while to see how close my creative side came to being snuffed out, and that would have left me incomplete… however there’s definite atrophy there so it’s just working it a little at a time… regain some movement, inspiration and motivation.

If you want to read my other bits I’ll stick links on occasionally, or shout up.




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